Bridget Askew


Bridget is an artist living and working in rural Ryedale. Although she is primarily a painter (generally working in oils and acrylics) she also uses photography and film, utilising varying approaches to inform her painting practice and keep the work vital. For the past four years she has been exploring the notion of rurality, from the view point of community and the farming sector. Bridget's family farm, where she worked for above a decade, is the catalyst and point of entry for her enquiries. Whilst working as a farmer, she came to understand and appreciate the unique perspective on life that exists in rural society. The wider populace would find rural perspectives and attitudes sometimes idiosyncratic and at other times devotionally fervent. Part of her work is an assimilation of these religious passions and an explication of their sensibilities. In so doing she hopes to perhaps challenge preconceptions of rural life.


Price range: £150 - £4750

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