David Lowe 


David Lowe is a member of the Woodworkers Institute and the Register of Professional Turners, which is part of the worshipful company of turners of London. He has always had a passion for working with wood and looking at ways to show off its natural beauty using traditional techniques combined with modern ideas such as airbrushing, texturing and piercing.


David is drawing his inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds him in Scarborough with the Moors, the Coast and the Wolds. He prefers to use locally grown timber from sustainable or storm damaged sources as much as possible. However, sometimes he also likes to use foreign hardwoods such as Bubinga for its rich colour and grain or Padouk (carrot orange in colour) and many other varieties, but again, all from sustainable forests around the world. Another of his favourites is Yew, the deep red hue of the heartwood and the contrasting creamy colour of its sapwood quite often makes stunning pieces of work.


One thing most people have in common is that they are drawn to feel and hold and sometimes even smell items made from wood, this is where it is unlike any other medium to work with

Price range: £80 - £225


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