Gill Douglas

Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, at the age of 28 Gill moved to study Theatre Design at Art College in Nottingham.  On completion of her Diploma, in 1976,  she came to York and worked with, among others, the Theatre Royal and Riding Lights Theatre Companies. A period of freelance Theatre Designing followed and in 1989 during a lengthy time of illness, she started to  paint.  Then, combining both disciplines. she worked full-time as an Artist and Theatre Designer. By 1998 she was painting full-time and exhibiting regularly. Then in 2004 she returned to college and began to study at York College where after five years she gained both NOCN & YOCN Diplomas in Printmaking.  Now, having bought her own etching  press, she works as a Artist and Printmaker   from  ‘The Lighthouse', her  studio  and  home,  high  above  the   bustling streets in the heart of York.

Price  range: £200 - £300