Gillies Jones


Partners in life and art, Stephen Gillies and Kate Jones have been making exceptional contemporary blown glass together for over 20 years. Their pieces are made as glass was prior to industrial revolution, the ‘slow’ way, labour intensive and reliant on skills acquired over a long international apprenticeship.


Operating from their studio and work shop in the village of Rosedale Abbey they have developed a unique aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the elemental beauty of their rural surroundings.


They have received international recognition for their complex cameo works, the process of which is now only mastered by a few glass makers around the world. This process involves the folding of different coloured glass bubbles over each other to produce a complex multi-layered and coloured piece.


Their ‘defiantly decorative’ work can be found in both public and private collections locally, nationally and internationally. Alongside their craft practice, they also undertake prestigious commissions and regularly lecture in the UK and overseas.

Price  range: £200 - £300




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